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MHI Vestas and Rapid Accommodation sponsor Septembers GRP member’s event at Healing Manor.

You are going to be spoilt at this month’s GRP event on Thursday, 20th September 2018 which is sponsored by MHI Vestas and Rapid Accommodation.

MHI Vestas and Rapid Accommodation sponsor Septembers GRP member’s event at Healing Manor.

Hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Healing Manor Hotel and with culinary delights created by Chef Patron, Steve Bennett - MHI Vestas and Rapid Accommodation are ensuring that this is a B2B event not to be missed.

To give you a peek preview of the event we asked Steve Bennett if he could spare some time out of the kitchen and tell you something about himself and the canapés he will 'wow' GRP members with.

Steve, you are the Chef Patron of this beautiful country manor house. When you host an event for the likes of MHI Vestas and Rapid Accommodation, how do you decide what goes on the menu?

When designing any menu, it’s about taking time to sit with the client to discuss what style of food they’d like to have served, formal or informal, if there are any key favourites when it comes to ingredients and flavours, and most importantly what’s in season and accessible to us ingredients wise, locally. We work with a lot of small producers in and around Grimsby, so it’s important that we have the time to work with our suppliers to ensure that all of the ingredients are readily available when it comes around to the main event.

You are a huge advocate about using locally sourced products. Can you tell us something about this passion?

Lincolnshire is one of England’s biggest back gardens when it comes to ingredients. Here in North East Lincolnshire we have the best of both worlds - the sea on one side and an abundance of fields on the other. A lot of the producers we work with run family businesses which have been around for decades. Our suppliers are the family of our business and just as important as our customers.

What is your all-time favourite canapé?

If I’m being fancy and refined it would be carpaccio of Lincolnshire red, crème fraiche, parmesan crisp, truffle oil and chives as it’s such a beautiful combination of flavours with most of the ingredients coming from Lincolnshire.

If I’m being honest, it has to be miniature fish and chips; after all we are in Grimsby. 

The Barn is a modern, yet rustic space with original York stone flooring and beautiful chandeliers in the main room. It will create the perfect ambience for B2B networking. As a UK renowned chef do you think good food needs good surroundings?

When it comes to serving great food and pairing it with great service, the surroundings and ambience can make all of the difference, but it doesn’t mean it has to be a conventional space. One of the best dinners I’ve ever catered for has to be the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 60th anniversary dinner at RAF Coningsby. We cooked for 150 WWII veterans with the dinner tables dotted beneath fighter jets and the Lancaster Bomber. The call to dinner was a spitfire fly-over; it completely transformed the ambience for the dinner.

MHI Vestas and Rapid Accommodation are expecting a record turnout for their event. What lasting impression do you want their GRP guests to go away with?

There are a lot of people who either haven’t heard of Healing Manor or have never been, so for us it’s an incredible opportunity to showcase the venue, not only as a function backdrop, but as a pub and hotel too. My partner and I only took over ownership of the business in March, so we’re still in early days. We have a great team, and we hope that guests will enjoy the service and food we offer on the evening.

Who is the most famous person(s) you have cooked for?

Very randomly two years ago, we received an enquiry through The Lincolnshire Chef website and were invited to cook at an unnamed person’s home via email. The PA who was organising the dinner wasn’t allowed to even give us the postcode until we’d set off. Not knowing if it was going to be a genuine booking or who we were cooking for, we set off none the wiser and it only turned out to be Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn, not bad for a nights work!

You have cooked meals for the likes of James Martin when he visited Grimsby. Is it satisfying to cook for someone like James who not only enjoys good food but knows about good food?

A night I remember very well, as I genuinely don’t think I’ve been so nervous to cook in my life. We had a check in at the hotel with some regular shooters and started looking down the check in list, as we would do each afternoon. First there was Galton Blackiston, Tom Kerridge and James Martin. We thought it might just be coincidental names, but we ended up cooking for 6 Michelin stars worth of chefs. Funnily enough they all ordered scotch egg starters and fish and chips!

If you could eat a meal with four people, who would they be and what would you be eating?

This one surprises quite a few, but it would have to be close family and friends. Running a new business means my partner and I don’t get to spend enough time with friends and family. It would be something as simple as a good old traditional Sunday lunch with everyone digging in.

Thank you so much for taking time out to speak to us Steve. It has been fascinating to talk to you and hear the passion and drive you have to build memorable occasions around good food whether that is for family, your hotel clientele or large corporations.

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