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He has his Zappi, now is Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn fully charged?

HE has his Zappi! Red Dwarf actor turned electric vehicle evangelist Robert Llewellyn is in possession of one of the first innovative car chargers from Binbrook-based MyEnergi.

He has his Zappi, now is Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn fully charged?

As reported last month, the team met him on the way to the same exhibition in Orkney, and he was that taken by the device – which manages consumption of micro-generation in the house or office – that he filmed it for his YouTube show Fully Charged, there and then.

He has promised a bigger episode on the device created by inventor Lee Sutton soon.

Business development manager Jordan Brompton, who met Robert in the ferry queue, said: “This time last year Zappi was on the bench in early prototype stage, and Lee said it would be a dream to have somebody like Robert backing or liking our product.

“A year later and he was standing in Robert’s garage installing his latest green idea. It has been pure graft and hard work from all the team to make it happen.

“We can't thank Robert enough for his generosity and support to a small company with big dreams.”

It was a 1,200 mile trip Mrs Brompton covered in an electric Nissan Leaf, while Llewellyn rolled up in a top-of-the-range Tesla Model S. His review, which briefly featured the Zappi, has been seen by 250,000 people. 

As reported, he described it as “simple but quite brilliant”. 

The company is now in production, delivering on pre-orders made. 

Another product, the Eddi, a water-heating controller, again working with micro-generation in the home or commercial setting, has been taken on by Yesss Electrical as a partner and distributor. “We’re delighted to have this vibrant wholesaler on board,” added Mrs Brompton.

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