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Inward investor Semco’s delight at early invitation

INWARD investors in Grimsby are collaborating on the design of the next offshore substations in Denmark, with bosses confident it will lead to more jobs in the town.

Inward investor Semco’s delight at early invitation

Semco Maritime has won an engineering contract for the development and basic design of the huge structures for the Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm, having set up a base here in readiness for Hornsea Project One, set to emerge early next year.

The initial build-out of the zone will see a world first with three substations to be installed off the Humber approaches back-to-back.

Now it has been selected as electrical engineering consultant to develop electrical and mechanical basic engineering design of the 1.4 GW offshore substation as well as for a reactive compensation station. 

“We are very pleased that Ørsted has chosen to engage us this early in the project’s development phase and we are proud to be able to build solutions based on our experience and successful completion of 16 offshore substations since 2002,” Tommy Flindt, technology director at Semco Maritime said.

“We see great potential in carrying over learnings and concepts from the Hornsea One project to this new project. We will focus on a close and integrated effort with Ørsted to achieve our ambitions with regards to driving down the cost while maintaining reliability in order to lower the total cost of energy.

The basic engineering will run from now until October 2018 and will be executed from Semco’s design offices in Esbjerg and Ballerup, Denmark.

Looking further down the line towards installation, Carsten Nielsen, vice-president of Semco Maritime, said: “To be involved in a very early phase is a strong position for the later phase, as we then have a deeper understanding. The support that we are starting in Grimsby, to be by Ørsted, we can see a lot of opportunity for growth, and with Hornsea Project Two now coming, for Grimsby it is really good news for the area. 

“Normally we get involved when it comes to construction, now we are involved at the very beginning of the project, to do basic design, and together with the client, we have been asked to identify some potential cost savings as we have seen the bid was much lower than the first one. We need to focus on cost.  In the later phase of the project there has to be further opportunity for growth, operations will bring a lot of work, and it may be that part of the construction can be done in the UK. 

“That’s for Ørsted to direct. Right now we’re happy for Semco to be involved, and we want to be supportive to Ørsted in and build up that capability.”

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