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Land Rover additions complete the 4x4 range

SOME of the first memories of the family business revolve around the Land Rover brand for second generation director Nick Chamley, as his father David owned an early edition when establishing Ready Rent A Car as he diversified from farming.

Land Rover additions complete the 4x4 range

Now eight of the latest prestigious vehicles from the proud UK production line have been added to the fleet this September.

They are available on day hire as well as contract leasing arrangement, serving strong demand from earlier purchases which shined through for the Grimsby-based business.

“It completes the range, we have everything now,” Mr Chamley enthused. 

“We are building on the recent success of two new Evoque convertibles, and as such we have decided to take on a brand new Velar, the latest Range Rover model. 

“We now have the Discovery Sport, Evoque hard top and convertible, Velar, Range Rover Sport and Vogue.”

Day hires range from work and leisure use to specific occasions such as weddings and proms, while the contract offer eases the finance burden for those who want to enjoy life at the top end of the luxury market.

“We run about 50 Land Rover products on lease hire to people in the area,” Mr Chamley said. “On finance they are looking at a substantial deposit and a balloon payment at the end as well as the monthly rate over the period.

“I can get them on the road for a much smaller deposit, and while it may be a little more a month, it covers everything. It is an attractive way to manage prestige motoring.

“Leasing has moved forward quite a lot since I first started. A lot of people are prepared to commit on the basis of that price, and will keep it for two years, on a fully inclusive package including tyres, tax and maintenance.”

Ready Rent a Car is closing in on 50 years of trading, from a small fleet based in Fletcher’s Yard off Wellowgate, to the established Duchess Street base, and three other locations in the region, with Scunthorpe, Lincoln and Hull complementing the original town presence. There are now about 2,000 vehicles in the company.

The business began with cars, expanding to vans. “My early memories are riding around in a Land Rover. Since I was a child my Dad has driven them. He was a farmer, coming from a farming background.

“It is a genuine 4x4, and the badge is synonymous with the top of the 4x4 market.”

For more information, call Ready Rent A Car in Grimsby on 01472 355801 or Scunthorpe on 01724 271800.

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