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MHI Vestas are featured speakers at GRP’s next event.

Matt Paterson (MHI Vestas) gives insight & advice on a career in the renewable energy sector.

MHI Vestas are featured speakers at GRP’s next event.

If you are an existing member of GRP you will have rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers of the wind industry at previous GRP events, enjoyed the vibrant socialising and gone home more informed about Grimsby’s established renewable sector and the possible business opportunities it brings to the area.

We would like to give you the inside edge on this month’s sponsors, MHI Vestas and in particular Matt Paterson. Matt lives locally and is enjoying a spectacular career path within renewables and now holds the responsible position, with MHI Vestas, as Service Manager to the Humber Gateway Windfarm.

We managed to track Matt down and were delighted he could answer some questions that would give us an insight into the industry.

Matt, you have recently picked up an M.B.A from Hull University which shows the passion and drive you have for your job. Can you give us an insight into your career?

18 years ago, I completed an apprenticeship as an electrician and continued in this trade in commercial and industrial facilities.

I was lucky enough to live near Workington, Cumbria, where they were building one of the UK’s first offshore windfarms, Robin Rigg, and applied for a job as a technician in a very young industry. Opportunities were abundant and still are as the industry grows at an astounding rate.

 I progressed through the levels and after 4 years I was managing my first windfarm.

I then relocated to Grimsby to take on a new challenge of setting up and managing Humber Gateway Windfarm that is just off Spurn Point

I was very fortunate to have a manager who encouraged me to take an MBA to help with my career progression and my understanding of the business world.

When you reflect back on the past 10 years of your career what personal characteristics helped you get to where you are today?

I think that would be my ambition, drive, passion, attention to detail and my willingness to relocate to the opposite side of the country.

If you could give one piece of advice to a young Grimsby person who is looking for a career in the offshore wind industry what would it be?

The wind industry is growing so fast and is now so large that there is a huge variety of jobs available in all aspects of any chosen career.

My advice would be to gain qualifications via apprenticeships, college or university in a career that you enjoy, be that in management, HR, engineering, legal, administration, technology or Health and Safety.

All these jobs exist in the wind industry and are vital to the operations offshore. There are a lot more roles than just an offshore technician.

On Thursday (20th September 2018) MHI Vestas is sponsoring and presenting at the GRP event held at Healing Manor. Can you tell us a little about MHI Vestas?

MHI Vestas manufacture and maintain the world’s largest proven turbine, a V164-9.5 MW turbine. The company is a 50/50 co-owned partnership between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Vestas with a focus on the design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of wind turbines. These turbines are 187 meters high. That is twice the size of the Statue of Liberty and 50 meters taller than the London Eye.

It was announced earlier this week that MHI Vestas plans to use 90 of these ground breaking turbines on the east coast offshore wind farm, Triton Knoll. Are these turbines used elsewhere in UK waters?

MHI Vestas’ V164 turbine is already established and operating in 4 offshore windfarms around the UK – Burbo Bank Ext (Liverpool), Walney Ext (Barrow), Blyth, and Aberdeen.

MHI Vestas is sponsoring the GRP event this Thursday at 4.30pm at Healing Manor. As a director of GRP what do you value most about the organisation?

The GRP brings together a varied group of companies and industries within the renewables supply chain providing a valuable platform where companies can showcase their services. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere to talk, socialise and realise the B2B opportunities is what drew me to join GRP. I feel GRP is a valuable asset to local businesses and I now sit on the board of Directors and look to further develop and strengthen GRP’s ties within the renewable sector.

And just before we close…What do you enjoy doing outside of your hectic work schedule?

I like to keep fit and play a variety of sports.

When it comes to relaxing I’m more a film and TV series watcher than a book reader but once I get into a book I can’t put it down until I finished.

Socialising and meeting new people is high on the agenda.

Thank you, Matt. We look forward to hearing from MHI Vestas at Healing Manor on Thursday 20th September 2019. 

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