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‘New’ traditional Grimsby smokehouse to host industry open day

TRADITIONAL Grimsby fish smoker Lee Williams is to throw open the doors of his recently re-established smokehouse as he looks to offer his services to the wider industry. 

‘New’ traditional Grimsby smokehouse to host industry open day

Having recently secured the Protected Geographical Indication status for the rediscovered Riby Street pits and chimneys, he is now keen to capitalise on bringing nearly 100 years of history back to life. 

The accreditation came through from North East Lincolnshire Council for The King’s Dish as Seafood Week got underway last month. Now he is to demonstrate the potential of the facility, which he originally acquired with his father Kenny for extra processing space for the B&L Filleting business they ran. 

His father’s wish was to see smoking restored within the 50ft chimneys, which offer a capacity of two-and-a-half tonnes a day – enough to cater for a major retailer’s demand. Sadly he passed away weeks before the first haddocks were smoked seven months ago.

Mr Williams said: “I’d really keen to welcome people and show them around. If people from the industry want to come we can show them what we have done, they can look inside the factory and we can talk them through the process and get them to try some of the fish. 

“It will be great to see what interest we can generate for our business. We want to take it to the next level.”  

The extensive project was completed alongside the town’s Bacon Engineering, with industry’s modern requirements balanced with the traditional method, with recognition 10 years in the winning from first requests to Brussels in the early Nineties. Stainless steel doors separate the process floor from the 50ft towers, where sawdust and North Sea air mingle to help create the town’s culinary magic, alongside the dedicated Seachill premises Russell’s. 

Mr Williams will open The King’s Dish from 10am to 3pm on Monday, November 20, with interested parties urged to contact him to book a time slot on 07946 469646 or via Twitter @LeeWill27915583.

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