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Pizzas return to Grimsby - and this time it is a base with No Dough!

Grimsby is back in the pizza game – only now the town is doing it with a very different base, as producers claim a world-first. 

Pizzas return to Grimsby - and this time it is a base with No Dough!

Health-focused fledgling food brand Scratch Meals has launched No Dough Pizza Co, with the cauliflower-based gluten-free pizza, available in 220 Sainsbury’s stores from today, with Asda and The Co-op to follow. 

Philip Pinnell, managing director, said the brand was “on a mission to strike the perfect balance between delicious and healthy”. 

Using an innovative process, at the base at Humber Seafood Institute, the rapidly growing team has cracked how to make a pizza base containing more than 70 per cent cauliflower, resulting in a meal that is less calorific and has lower carbs than the traditional Italian import. It also qualifies as one of our five a day!

He said: “We have been perfecting this recipe for quite some time and are now more than excited to announce the launch of No Dough in not just one, but three different supermarkets, across hundreds of stores throughout the UK. Our mission is to make great, healthy food accessible for everyone to enjoy. No Dough offers our customers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite pizza without having to worry about too many carbs or calories, so it no longer needs to be a treat saved only for the weekend!”

What’s more, No Dough is the first cauliflower-based pizza which can be eaten by hand, so you can ditch the knife and fork. 

Available from the chilled aisle, the marketing will push it as a quick and convenient solution for families. 

Sainsbury’s will be listing the product in two different flavours; Ham and Mushroom and Vegan Margherita. Asda will be listing Pepperoni as well as the standard Margherita and Ham and Mushroom this month, and the Co-op will be offering the Ham and Mushroom and standard Margherita come May 16. 

As reported last month, a recruitment drive for a 25-strong team got underway, with Scratch having moved to Grimsby from London to be part of the strong food cluster with its initial Fit Kitchen ready meal offering. It was subsequently expanded to include salad pots.

Grimsby’s Heinz pizza factory closed in 2003 with the loss of 400 jobs, with Country Style Foods moving in to the Wickham Road site. 

For Mr Pinnell, who now employs 70, 100 could be in reach. 

“We have some really good listings to start with, launching in Sainsbury’s first, Asda at the end of the week and then Co-op,” he enthused.

“With any new range you have got to keep the interest of the customer and make a great product. We think we have come up with a really interesting and unique recipe.

“It will be 100 per cent about investing in people, equipment, research and development. If sales continue to grow we will be looking for more staff in the area.

“Cauliflower pizzas have been trending with wellness and health writers for a while. It has been six months of R&D but we think we have it.” 

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