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Ramsden Group’s pilot school food programme to return in 2018

AN innovative schools project launched this year by the Grimsby-based Ramsden Group is to be run again in 2018.

Ramsden Group’s pilot school food programme to return in 2018

The World of Food programme was created to give children greater awareness of what they eat, where it comes from and how it often travels huge distances.

This year’s inaugural event saw the company partner with William Barcroft Junior School in Cleethorpes, and was centred on the new Fiveways convenience store. More than 300 children took part in the project, which included visits to the Today’s outlet and the Dee Bee cash and carry depot in Grimsby’s Adam Smith Street.

Andy Taylor, trading director for Dee Bee wholesale, said: “The idea was to team up with a local school to better inform children of the food they and all of us tend to take for granted. The children were encouraged to find out where certain food products are grown, how they get to Grimsby and which countries around the world provide our food products.

“The staff at William Barcroft were enthusiastic from the start and the children really enjoyed something very different to the usual classroom agenda. In fact it was so successful that we are now planning to run the programme on an annual basis and over the next few weeks we will be talking to other local junior schools to see if they would like to partner with us for World of Food 2018.”

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