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Rapid Business Travel are Featured Speakers at Today’s GRP Event

If you enjoy being looked after and want a personal touch when you book your corporate accommodation then you need to know about Rapid Accommodation.

Rapid Business Travel are Featured Speakers at Today’s GRP Event

Rapid work with some of the leading names in the renewable and construction industry and have teamed up with their client MHI Vestas to sponsor this month’s Grimsby Renewable Partnership event.

In true Rapid style they are holding the event in the stylish surroundings of Healing Manor and have engaged Chef Patron, Steve Bennett to tickle your tastes buds with some culinary delights whilst you network amongst the big names in the wind industry.

So you can get an insight into the Rapid effect we tracked down Rebecca Anderson-Smith.

Rebecca, this looks to be a superb evening! You are hosting this event with your client, MHI Vestas who Triton Knoll Project Director, James Cotter, described as, ‘…one of the world’s leading wind turbine companies…’ What is so unique about the services Rapid offer that attracts such big names?

We take the time to get to know our customers thoroughly to ensure we can tick every box they request, whether that’s as a company, or getting to know the travellers individually to understand their likes and dislikes.  We pride ourselves on our personal touch and you can’t get much more personal then knowing which guys like to be near a gym, a favourite restaurant, or those who like to stay close as they like the extra 20 minutes sleep in a morning

There is a lot of buzz about tonight’s event.  Is it right that Rapid will be announcing new services they can offer their clients? Can you tell us anything about this or is it totally under wraps until tonight?

All will be revealed tonight!  (Smiling)

Its been a very exciting journey for Rapid and now at 6 years old, we are still doubling in size every year and still growing with lots of exciting projects to look out for in the future.

Rapid are committed to being professional, friendly and to always delivering a ‘Wow’. There is intrigue as to what the ‘Wow’ factor will be at tonight’s event, can you give any hints?

I think we can all agree on our secret weapon….. Linda! She is always our ‘Wow’ factor when it comes to Rapid.

Linda sits on the board of GRP and is passionate about GRP’s role in creating opportunities for local businesses. Rapid Accommodation is very successful within the renewable industry so what advice would you give to local businesses wanting to secure work from the likes of MHI Vestas?

Attending networking events is a must, it’s a great way to find out what companies are sub-contracting for the larger companies like MHI. If you can work with the sub-contractors first and build that relationship, then you have recommendation which will always win out and could potentially get your foot in the door, but you must make sure you return the help to the sub-contractors that bring you on board!

You have a strapline on your website, ‘It all starts with a coffee’. Who would you most like to have a coffee with and why?

It has to be Richard Branson, there is no one else like him in the world and I would love for him to be my mentor

Rebecca it was great to touch base. Tonight’s event certainly has the Rapid effect written all over it. Superb location, delicious food, a vibrant networking opportunity and the much anticipated ‘wow’. Thank you for taking the time out to speak to GRP. 

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