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Safety celebration for Cristal and Hertel staff

RESIDENT contractors at South Bank giant Cristal have been praised for reaching a key safety milestone.

Safety celebration for Cristal and Hertel staff

Two years of maintenance without a lost time injury has been achieved, with nearly 190,000 hours worked by the team, from Hertel.

They gathered for a special presentation event, with a cheque for £500 presented to St Andrew’s Children’s Hospice. 

Putting it into context, Ian Birtles, Hertel’s regional business development manager, told the team: “It is a real pleasure to come to an event like this where we are celebrating safety. Your safety is very important to us. It’s our number one priority and that goes for our customer Cristal too.

“Collectively you guys have worked almost 190,000 hours safely over the past 24 months which is a tremendous achievement. When you put it into perspective 190,000 equates to 2.25 working men’s lifetimes. Given we start work at 16 and generally finish at 65 after working around 85,000 hours. And to do this incident free is pretty impressive. So thanks for that and please keep it up.”

Neil Critchley, regional health, safety environment and quality manager, told how he has been involved with the Cristal maintenance contract since it was first awarded, and has seen the safety culture develop and grow over the past five years. 

He said: “A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to try and ensure that no injuries are sustained to anyone working on site but it is you guys who perform the daily tasks - blasting, painting, cleaning and scaffolding, that are adhering to the controls that we put in to ensure that you all go home safely.

“Without your input and dedication, these safety milestones would not be achieved. I cannot thank you all enough for looking after yourselves and others while working on site.”

For the client, Simon Roberts said: “Cristal would like to congratulate all the resident contractors at our Stallingborough site for this excellent achievement.  It shows a real commitment to safety as a value, showing a sustained performance that is in keeping with the culture at Stallingborough.”  

Teresa Crowe received the donation. 

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