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The four northern Lincolnshire restaurants which made it into the 2018 Harden’s guide

Four of the best restaurants in northern Lincolnshire have been included in the UK’s most comprehensive guide to eating out – though many would question some of the omissions!

The four northern Lincolnshire restaurants which made it into the 2018 Harden’s guide

Despite being home to some fantastic, award-winning venues, the Harden’s Best UK Restaurants 2018 does not include a single place in North East Lincolnshire. However, venture out a smidgen further and there are a few well-known restaurants which make the list.

The closest restaurant to Grimsby is The New Inn, in Great Limber, which we featured in a review of Michelin-listed venues in October and found the luxurious sausage sandwich on the lunchtime menu to be well worth the trek.

Here are all the restaurants in northern Lincolnshire which features, and what reviewers had to say about them along with ratings for quality of food, service and ambience.

The New Inn

Where: 2 High Street, Great Limber, DN37 8JL

What they said: “The best steaks and the most delicious fish ’n’ chips” grace the “unusual menu” (with produce from the local Brocklesby Estate) of this “calm and delightful” three-year-old – a former village pub taken over by Ian Matfin (ex-of Gordon Ramsay etc) and his wife.

Ratings (out of 5): Food: 4, Service: 3, Ambience: 3


The Hope and Anchor

Where: Sluice Road, South Ferriby, DN18 6JQ

What they said: Right on the coast, five minutes from the Humber Bridge, and with wonderful views of the estuary, this “busy” large pub-with-rooms wins praise for its “welcoming” style, with “great steaks” (from the Lakes, and showcased in a MaturMeat cabinet) a culinary highlight (although vegan and veggie menus are also a feature).

Ratings (out of 5): Food: 3, Service: 4, Ambience: 3


Winteringham Fields

Where: 1 Silver Street, Winteringham, DN15 9ND

What they said: Colin McGurran’s “relaxing” restaurant with rooms provides a comfortable destination, near the banks of the Humber. There’s the odd rumble, as there has been for years, that it’s “resting on its past laurels”, but for the most part Colin McGurran’s ambitious cooking is praised as “first class”. Its highest rated feature is its service though – “so approachable, knowledgeable and attentive without be overbearing” and “a credit to the place”.

Ratings (out of 5): Food: 4, Service: 5, Ambience: 4


San Pietro

Where: 11 High Street East, Scunthorpe, DN15 6UH

What they said: A converted four-storey windmill houses this restaurant-with-rooms, whose glam decor won it the AA’s ‘funkiest B&B’ award a couple of years ago, and where the cuisine wins high ratings from reporters.

Ratings (out of 5): Food: 3, Service: 3, Ambience: 4


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