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Web growth demands dedicated base for boutique’s back-office

CLEETHORPES fashion retailer Tillett’s is taking its online business to the next level, as it prepares for a new year in a new location.

Web growth demands dedicated base for boutique’s back-office

The Sea View Street outlet’s digital sales continue to soar, and now a unit within a new build development has been taken on Humberston’s Wilton Road Industrial Estate.

While the shop will remain in the popular resort location, the back-office operations that have outgrown the first floor of the premises – as well as separate storage units in Grimsby – will relocate.

It will also enable Tillett’s to meet requests to supply stock to other boutiques, diversifying the business even further, while serving its Louth store and potential new locations.

“This is purely for online and wholesale, as we are going to be supplying other independent retailers,” director Mel Tillett said as she took a look at how the work within the 3,000sq ft facility was progressing.

“Wholesale will happen, we keep getting approached on a regular basis by other shop owners, so we thought if they want it, let them have it.”

A mezzanine floor will separate the picking and packaging operations from offices, meeting room and a dedicated photographic studio to bolster online activity.

“We got to a stage where we were at capacity,” Mrs Tillett said. “We are now taking it to a new level, we have identified what we need to do and we are implementing it.”

Two significant appointments have been made to bolster the team as it builds, while notice has been given on the easy-in easy-out units at E-Factor’s Enterprise Village on Prince Albert Gardens.

Online operations manager Jessica Tutill has joined to “help drive the business” while store manager Katie Moulds, who brings 14 years of retail experience with national brands to Tillett’s, will also free up the mother and daughters director team to work purely on strategic and creative direction.

A total of 20 staff are now employed, with room to grow built into the design of the digital operation area at Wilton Road, as well as new store locations.

“We haven’t settled on anywhere yet, but there are plans for more stores,” Mrs Tillett said. “Katie will be key, she will bring those forward, so we have lots going on. Digital is the area we have identified as the biggest for growth, but we are seeing niches where we can open stores as well. We will do our research and due diligence to make sure everything is as it should be before we do.”

Customer experience is at the core of the high street strategy, with personal shopping also being mooted.

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